Aliens Are Amongst Us


We are far from alone in the universe. Humanity has not for a single second been without influence and support from more advanced intelligences that have guided us in our development. All the UFO-sightings are not bogies!

From where do these intelligences come from? What is their purpose? Are they a threat to humanity? Do they want to colonize Earth? Sandor A. Markus gives an explanation of why the visitors come, their purposes and who they are – that they are highly evolved beings from other worlds who want to help us earthlings in our development – but also themselves.

The outflow of energy and consciousness that science calls the “Big Bang” did not only give rise to the manifestation of all planets, solar systems and galaxies in the cosmos, but also to a diversity of conscious life at different levels. Everything originates from the same source and is therefore also part of a connected whole.

The book presents a summary of the communication that Sandor A. Markus has had with different Alien groups from different systems, the Cosmic Federation and the Founders from where all life in the vast universe descends from.

The result of the extraterrestrial groups’ involvement in the Earth’s history spans between heaven and hell – but it is we humans who are responsible for what has happened and why.

Although it is currently difficult to accept these truths, it is necessary that we start taking responsibility for our actions. We are all co-creators in the cosmic development. To become aware of this, we must acc. Sandor A. Markus develop a higher quality multi-dimensional quantum consciousness. Only then we can solve all the problems that our civilization faces – and now it’s urgent – we have no time to lose!

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By Dr. Sandor A. Markus