Saint Germain: The mysterious Count who never dies


The book is about the mysterious Saint Germain who has enthralled millions of people worldwide since the 1700’s. Several books have been written about him and the role he played on the European stage. He was known by all royal families throughout Europe. Many loved him, but some considered him a charlatan, imposter, mythomaniac.

There have been speculations about who he really was, but so far no one has known his true identity. He has been hiding behind different masks in different incarnations and has suddenly appeared in the history out of the blue. Saint Germain is more relevant today than he was during the 1700’s. In this book he reveals for the first time who he really is.

The entire earthly civilization is at a crossroads where we must choose path. Either we continue as thus far leading to a dead end, to stagnation, to the destruction of our civilization or we choose the new path that leads us to a higher dimension, elevated consciousness and the emancipation from the lower confinement of the mind power. The mind power has so far kept us bound in ignorance, dungeon of unconsciousness, which has created for us sufferings of various nature.

Saint Germain was already in the 1800’s identified by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (Founder of Theosophy) as the coming World Teacher, who shall appear in the Nordic countries in the late 1900’s.

Saint Germain is among us as alive today as in the 1700’s. He can never die because he remembers his past lives. He has declared that he will reincarnate (be reborn) on Earth every century until he has completed his mission. He is the Unifier – Spiritual Master Teacher of the New Age who shall appear in the Nordic Countries, that Seers have since long talked about.

The story takes place at a secret location in the Swiss Alps. The location is chosen by fate, as well as the twelve who are to attend the meeting. The fate of the participants has a historical background that extends several thousand years back in time. Common to them all are the roles that each has portrayed throughout history. They come from different parts of the world, different races and beliefs, but still they have something in common, not only as soul mates, but by the power that has decided their common destiny and that drives them to gather in the same place, at the very same time.

To the meeting joins a stranger, a secret guest who nobody knows anything about. The Secret Brotherhood (Illuminati) who has invited the stranger to this historic meeting does not know much about him. The only thing they know is that he is a natural talent like only few on earth. He is equipped with a superior cosmic knowledge; a higher spiritual consciousness related to the “Science of the Soul” that extends beyond the 5th dimension, beyond the manipulative, restructurable matrix, hologram that Dr. Jung called “the collective unconscious”.

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By Dr. Sandor A. Markus